About The Victorian Speedway Council


The Victorian Speedway Council Inc. (VSC) has been in existence since 1968 and with its introduction, one Council, allowing for clear guidelines for all involved, governed speedway racing in Victoria.

The VSC is a non-profit organisation, that licences, registers and governs 9 sedan and 7 open-wheel classes of speedway racing throughout Victoria, with a Committee that administers the sport on behalf of all its member clubs and their members.

In the early ’70s, VSC membership was made up of 26 clubs. Today there we have 32 clubs, with more than 65% of them also managing speedway tracks.

One of the main objectives of the Council is to foster and develop friendly relations between members of incorporated associations in competition and social activities.


At the VSC AGM, which is held on the last Saturday of July each year, the member clubs elect the VSC committee. The Committee also convenes on the first Friday of the month and can and will conduct special meetings as required.

The VSC currently has two Sub-Committees, which are a Technical Committee and a Stewards Advisory Board.


The Technical Committee assists in the training of Scrutineers, and in conjunction with the Council are responsible for the class specifications and holding drivers meetings.

Scrutineers are members who check that the race cars have passed all their safety requirements, that the cars are legal to race and that the competitors have the appropriate attire to compete in. This is done for the safety of all involved in the sport.

They ensure that the specifications for the individual class of cars are correct. The Technical Committee is made up of a Chairman, a Secretary, Class Scrutineers and Scrutineers. The Technical Committee members elect the Chairman and the Secretary.


The Stewards are trained to officiate the race meeting ensuring that all competitors abide by the rules and regulations as set by the VSC Inc. They also have the right to fine, cancel or suspend the competitor if they do not abide by these rules.

The Stewards Advisory Board is made up of a Chairman, a Secretary and Stewards. Members of the Stewards Panel elect the Chairman and the Secretary, The members of this panel are also there to assist in the training of Stewards.