Australian Speedway Accident Fund

One of the main expenses that speedway members need to meet every year is the ongoing cost of providing for their families should an unfortunate incident/accident occur where an injury is sustained.

The Australian Speedway Accident Fund (ASAF) offers a financial product that members can use against the risks that they encounter when racing on speedway tracks or preparation for competition at the complex on the day of competition, or authorised club practice day.

Established in 1972, as the VSC Accident Fund, when it was identified that there wasn’t any Assurance/Insurance for families in the sport of speedway. After hearing many expressions of dissatisfaction from its clubs there was a meeting called of interested parties and the result was a board of 3 caretaker trustees appointed to establish a Mutual Aid Scheme.

After 49 years ASAF is still proving a valuable service for its members throughout Australia.

Accident Fund Schedule 2021/2022