The VSC committee has decided to go through with next seasons junior title at Bairnsdale Speedway Club as it was allocated prior to this years title at Wangaratta and planning has already started at Bairnsdale.

However the committee is still yet to determine if the title will continue into the following season.

This is due to ongoing behavioural issues from the parents, often directed at the volunteer officials.

The kids for the most part enjoy each other’s company, regardless of what happens in the race.

It’s the parents that have made officials question whether they really want to be at these state titles.

Stewards have turned down the opportunity to official the title because of these issues.

So, Bairnsdale could be the last VSC Junior Standard Saloon title, it’s the behaviour at this event, that might just make the decision for the VSC.

Before anybody says anything about the stewarding or the officials, remember there is on race day a process to be followed by using the drivers rep when you disagree with decisions. No further comment needed.